Project Introduction

[RFID Asset Management System]


Product Case

The system uses passive RFID tag technology to solve asset management problems quickly and cheaply.

1. Departmental management: management information, including adding, viewing details, querying, editing, batch deletion, downloading templates and batch import functions;

2. Employee management: manage basic information of employees and assign different rights;

3. Role management: assign various roles on demand and give corresponding authority;

4. Location management: manage and track the use of assets;

5. Equipment management: including RFID handheld devices and RFID tags, which can query, add, delete, edit, view details, download templates and batch import operations. RFID tags can be bound and unbound with assets;

6. Asset management: manage all assets, query, modify and delete assets information and new assets into the warehouse according to conditions;

7. Deposit and take-over, asset transfer, deficit, maintenance and scrap: query, modify, delete asset information and create new assets according to conditions;

8. Inventory of assets: Clean up the existing assets with hardware;

9. Asset Category: Classified management of different assets.