WeChat small program to!

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WeChat small program to! Legend of the early application of the official name of the small program. Small program is a new form of application, with the subscription number, service number, the number of enterprises to become a parallel WeChat system. Gray is currently beta stage, has been part of the developers began early adopters.
Online outflow of small program entrance
The core function of small programs is to provide some local API for H5 JS calls, in order to enhance the application of WeChat H5 on the fluency, is a need to download and install the application can be used, the user can open or sweep search application. A small program provides API interface and rich components, make the program more smooth, the experience is better than that of Web/Wap App, APP (Native App) close to the original, through the JS call API SaaS, by API to provide the front of the WeChat small program service.

System interaction logic (source network)

According to the system architecture of small procedures, for the SDK Native App terminal application of statistical analysis in ecological, push, mobile advertising effects of vertical App Co is large, WeChat put these capabilities are included in their ecology, which means the data in the hands of WeChat, from the user data to business data will be covered. The development of the Internet has been characterized by Matthew effect, stronger and stronger, able to get traffic, resources, more data. Therefore, the application of statistics, application push, mobile application advertising company will be a strong impact, the future needs to find a transition, which also illustrates a truth, this is a data for the king of the times. So, in addition to the impact on the industry, a small program struck, but also with the fire HTML5 and API.
These two areas are also the focus of the industry in recent years, there are several well-known service providers, HTML5 to DCloud representative, API to aggregate data most influential. But a small program for the impact of the two companies is different, DCloud in recent years to promote the development of HTML5 in China development tools from Hbuild and spare no effort, several other products are to develop its own ecosystem, rely on DCloud to provide the runtime environment, and small program running on the WeChat container, with a small program there is competition, future prospects. Aggregate data to provide API based data services, the most well-known in the circle of developers, small program development is bound to increase the demand for basic data.
A small program launch another round of dividends to the mobile Internet entrepreneurs and developers from the beta invitation program can be seen, developers may be the biggest beneficiary, so visible what benefits?
First, the development of a more simple
In recent years, many large Internet Co are making different kinds of "Internet ecosystem", Ali, Tencent, Baidu, music television, millet, also put forward the concept of similar pieces of ecological construction, in the mobile Internet era, for entrepreneurs, to build a part of their APP is a pressing matter of the moment and must have their own. APP is very popular in these years to buy a house, is to have a home, then entrepreneurs and developers to do all kinds of optimization and innovation in their own APP platform, users and high flow increase.
As the mobile Internet business outlets gradually closed, the development and operation of a APP is extremely difficult, and there is a small program, perhaps the developers will no longer develop native APP, don't do a lot of compatibility of adaptation, not distributed to the app store, no more new iterative development version, WeChat has provides a complete framework of front-end and back-end management platform for developers, light application will be able to achieve such a small program for native APP the most functional, greatly enhance the development efficiency of developers.

Two, manpower and time costs are reduced

Think about how many people it takes to develop a APP, how long does it take to go through several cycles? From the application of the project, to a small range of on-line recruitment, development, testing, and then to the gray, on-line operation, promotion, iteration and so on stage, investment time and personnel are larger, due to fierce market competition, the developers did not even have the space of trial and error. The development of small program is to develop more web front-end based on H5, eliminating the backend development and a lot of work, the nature of time and manpower cost will be reduced, developers only need to develop a suitable browser application products, can meet the demand for the use of different operating system, completely changed the previous APP long development cycle many developers, entrepreneurs can no longer worry the recruitment of iOS and Android and development engineer, or even just before half of the programmer can accomplish the same work.
In this way, people can greatly improve the efficiency of new media era, the birth of a new media specialist, with the launch of a small program, "programmer" jobs may also be popular, perhaps your company will be more than a small program department. H5 and JS talent will be very popular in the future, JavaScript developers ushered in the spring.
Three, operations and promotion costs are also reduced
Time to grab the entrance window once again, a small program to become the new era of mobile Internet applications shopping mall. WeChat based on the large number of user groups, entrepreneurs are no longer to get the user to do all kinds of promotion and annoyance, the higher the rate of arrival of users. Good products naturally have users, but where the user is more important, apparently WeChat as the first user to gather, this super APP regardless of the number of users, the use of long and frequency, are much higher than other applications. Create a APP to get a user is not easy, the promotion process needs to guide the user

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