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Analysts said the enterprise application developers in the development of mobile applications must have different thinking, information efficiency and security problems must be considered at the same time. Due to the demand of the users have to access enterprise database via mobile devices, so enterprises must try to meet these requirements, if they can't do that, the company will be at a disadvantage position.

Development of mobile applications and traditional applications, however, there's a big difference, and must do a lot of change to go smoothly on the mobile platform. For example, sending the data directly on the mobile browser is not enough, this is only a short-term solution.

In addition, the enterprise application developers for the mobile platform for development, but also must pay attention to safety and information efficiency. Mobile technology security is a particular challenge, because the underlying technology alone is not enough safe.

Analysts pointed out that Google Android, Microsoft Windows Mobile and even Apple iOS is safe enough.

Therefore, these applications of players must cooperate with platform supplier, continue to promote the latter let the platform become more secure. Although security issues are both on the platform, but developers still must try to strengthen the security of the whole to users.

Users must also be more careful in using these devices. Users in open disguised as a friend to send E-mail messages, may encounter with malware or virus content.

In addition to think about security, developers also must pay attention to push data to the cost of mobile devices, and develop more save bandwidth applications.

Compared with the traditional software developers, service software (software - as - a - service, SaaS) developers in the development of more efficient on the application of the advantages, because not all of the network connection is very fast, so they will be more efficiency.

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