The development of mobile Internet

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According to the forecast data show that in 2015 China Mobile Internet users reached 790 million people, representing an increase of 8.4% in 2014. Expected by 2018, China Mobile Internet users will reach 890 million people.
2015, China Mobile Internet market reached 3 trillion and 79 billion 460 million yuan, an increase of 129.2%. Expected in 2018, China Mobile Internet market is expected to reach 76547 yuan. 2015, mobile shopping is still the highest proportion of China Mobile's Internet market, accounting for 67.4%. Mobile life services is the fastest growing market share of major categories, mobile travel, mobile shopping and mobile travel is the main source of growth in mobile life services.
Analysts believe that the current mobile Internet industry is still in a period of rapid development, mainly in the following areas:
1, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional mobile Internet industry
"Internet plus" up to the national strategic level, the combination of mobile Internet and traditional industries become more closely. Especially in the pan living services, travel, tourism, education, employment, medical and other traditional industries in the use of mobile Internet platform advantages for the transformation and upgrading of the business model, the future will have more traditional industries, relevant industry supply side reforms include national attention in can also use the Internet and mobile Internet to achieve the transformation of industrial upgrading.
2, driven by capital, industry leading mergers and acquisitions increased
The capital market continues to play an important role in the 2015 mobile Internet industry, especially plays an important role in some leading industry segments in the merger and reorganization of enterprises, through the merger of segments of the leading enterprises, can effectively reduce the capital loss due to competition, in order to achieve maximum investment benefit.
3, the sharing of the Internet with the mobile Internet rooting
With drops, Uber, easy to, Shenzhou, every day, such as the use of mobile Internet software war between the Internet, sharing the economy has begun to take root in china. Shared economy can effectively reduce the idle resources, improve resource utilization, can bring a higher cost, more personalized consumer experience, is one of the inevitable trend of the development of the network economy. With the development of mobile Internet technology, to supply and demand docking, shared economic and technological barriers gradually clear, mode into the practice stage, fixed assets and personal skills to achieve sharing with user acceptance gradually, in the future more long tail domain application sharing economic model.
4, the mobile Internet banking barbaric growth
Mobile payment, P2P finance has become a popular search term in 2015, the Internet industry, the Internet giant basically completed their mobile payment products such as Alipay, WeChat, Baidu, Jingdong, payment wallet purse, to achieve an important step in the mobile Internet Ecosystem construction. Internet banking is also achieved by virtue of the brutal growth of the mobile Internet, but e rent treasure event, the user's enthusiasm for the Internet banking has been reduced, the financial sector in the field of financial regulation needs to be further strengthened.
5, the explosive growth of mobile application development platform, two-way and vertical
2015 is a year of explosive growth of mobile applications, whether it is the number of applications or coverage to exponential growth. From the monitoring data based sails ", covering the area from 2014 more than and 40 increase to more than and 270, the number of applications has increased from more than 1 thousand and 700 in July 2014 to more than 30 thousand today, visible in the mobile application market activity is very high, covering fields are more substantial.
Mobile applications presented to the platform and vertical two-way development trend. On the one hand, the Internet giant through a wide range of super APP coverage of users, around their core resources to create ecological. Super APP gradually become a platform, OS products, through the connection of various types of applications, scenarios, mobile Internet application services center. Such as: WeChat until the end of 2015, the field of mobile Internet monthly coverage reached 87.9% of active users, connected with shopping, games, video, music, travel, financial and other types of applications and scenarios through WeChat, WeChat has become a platform for application.
On the other hand, with the deepening of the process of the Internet industry, driven by the application of the long tail in the context of continuous fission, vertical specialization in the field of specialization, fine application development. Such as: the tourism industry of the Internet can be split out of train tickets and travel Raiders, travel tools, aviation services, hotel reservations and other segments the scene according to user needs of different scenes, these scenes can also further down the subdivision of fission to more sophisticated scenes, these scenes of fission gave long tail applications more space for development, which is the main reason for the number of mobile applications can continue to maintain high growth.
Promoting factor analysis:
In recent years, the popularity of mobile networks, including Wi-Fi, 4G networks in small and medium-sized cities, as well as the coverage of some rural areas continue to expand, for the rapid development of the mobile Internet has laid a good foundation. In addition, the smart mobile terminal equipment sales growth, especially smart phones, tablet PCs, smart wearable devices continue to sell so that the mobile Internet can easily connect to each user's smart terminal. The openness of the Android system allows mobile applications to achieve rapid development, in the face of the development of the content of the mobile Internet has formed a good support. In addition, WeChat, QQ and other mobile service delivery

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